If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment, we would like to talk to you:

  • Fees for each counselor vary based on educational background. You can contact our office or a specific counselor directly for information on their fees and to learn more about them. 

  • Each session of therapy lasts 45-50 minutes. Your counselor will work with you to assess a recommended number of sessions although it may take a few weeks to determine this and may also change as therapy progresses. Lighthouse counselors tailor your treatment to fit your personal needs. People who come weekly and work on the issues between sessions tend to progress more quickly.  However we will work with you and your budget needs scheduling frequency of sessions to fit you. 

  • Counseling is a therapeutic relationship and there are many areas to consider. The personal characteristics and a relationship style you are comfortable with in a counselor are very important. Knowing the values and beliefs of your counselor is also helpful. Choosing a counselor who considers treating the whole person including physical, psychological, relational and spiritual aspects is beneficial. Your counselor should be licensed to practice in your state and have an adequate level of experience and competence in the issues for which you need assistance. Read background and information on your counselor and look for the areas of specialty for which they practice. 

  • There are some differences in Christian counselors ranging from those that will use biblical principles only; to those who are Christians but only use secular theories. At Lighthouse, our therapists are dedicated Christians who believe Biblical and Christian principles are the foundation to lasting healing and introduce spiritual perspectives into our therapy. We also integrate techniques from a wide variety of therapies and theories of personality and psychotherapy that do not conflict with scripture. 

  • When your personal and / or relationship issues feel out of control and your efforts at healing and health are not working it may be beneficial to seek out a counselor. Some people suffer from various issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, pain, inappropriate behaviors, addictions, obsessions, trauma or abuse and desire healing and freedom from these. Major life changes may also be a reason for seeking help such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, changes at work or in living conditions. People seeking more meaning, contentment and satisfaction in their lives may find answers and help in therapy. 

  • Many insurance policies have a provision for mental health benefits. Jana currently accepts assignment of insurance benefits for out of network mental health counseling. For questions to ask your insurance company, please follow the instructions for calling your insurance company and download the “Questions for Insurance”  form.